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Setting Up Your System

Place your system in a centrally located area in your home.

Plug the power cord into a wall outlet that is not controlled by a light switch.

Turn your system on using the ON/OFF switch located on the back.

Your system will turn on and announce, “System Ready.”

The emergency and reset buttons along with the display screen will illuminate.

Within a few minutes, the system will obtain the date and time from the cellular network. The date and time cannot be set manually.

Note: It is important to check to make sure you are connected to a cellular network by checking for signal strength bars on the display screen.

Testing Your System

Automated Testing

Press and hold the test button on your system for 3 seconds.

The Test button will illuminate green, and your system will announce, “User auto-test.”

When prompted press your neck or wrist button.

Your system will announce, “Test call sent to emergency response center” several times.

Your system will then announce, “User auto-test completed.”

Note: If the home test line does not respond or if your system announces, “User auto-test failed,” or please contact Customer Care at 1-800-906-0872.

Testing with a Live Operator

Press your wrist or neck button 1 time.

The red light on your wrist or neck button will flash, and your system will announce “Call in progress,” several times.

When your call is answered, your will system announce, “Stand by for an operator.”

When the operator answers, tell the operator that you are okay and that you are testing your system.

Important: If you do not inform the operator that you are testing your system, emergency help may be dispatched to your location.

Using Your System

Test the Range of Your Wrist or Neck Button

It is recommended to have someone assist you with this test to avoid false dispatch of emergency help.

Have your assistant to stay near your device so they can speak to the operator when a test signal is received.

Press and hold the TEST and RESET buttons on your system at the same time until you hear “Range Test Started.”

Walk to the furthest area of your home wearing your neck or wrist button. Press the button to send a signal to the system. The system will emit a beep indicating a signal to your system.

Press the reset button on your system to exit the range test mode. Your system will announce “Range test stopped.”

Note: If needed, relocate your unit to eliminate any “dead zones” and conduct another Range Test.

Placing a Call

Press your wrist or neck button 1 time.

The red light on your wrist or neck button will flash, and your system will announce “Call in progress,” several times.

The operator will communicate with you through the two-way speaker on your system. In the event that you cannot communicate with the emergency response center, help will be dispatched to the address on file.

Canceling a Call

If you accidentally place an emergency call, press the reset button on your system. Your system will announce, “Emergency call cancelled”.

If you cannot press the reset button in time, inform the operator that it was a “false alarm.” The operator will disconnect the call and no emergency help will be dispatched.

Light Status What it Means What to do
Red and BLUE lights blinking together No power your system is operating on backup battery Make sure your system is plugged into a working wall outlet
No cellular signal Check to make sure cellular signal strength bars are displayed. Relocate your system until bars are displayed
Lights Off System not turned on Check the back of your system to ensure the ON/OFF switch is in the ON position

Important Information
  • Your wrist and neck button are water resistant and should be worn in the bath or shower.
  • You should set up your system in a central location in your home. This allows the two-way communication between you and the operator to work most effectively.
  • Your account number is printed on the underside of your system.
  • Some electrical devices can cause radio frequency interference, and metal objects can prevent the signal from reaching the antenna inside your system. In such cases, it may be helpful to relocate your system or move the object that is preventing the signal from being received.
  • During a power outage, the battery backup in your system will last up to 30 hours on a fully charged system.
  • Test your system monthly!
  • Please notify us if there are any changes to your address, phone number or emergency contacts.