Your lockbox combination will be provided in the packaging for your Medical Alert system.

Setup Instructions

Place your system in a centrally located area in your home.

Plug the power cord into a wall outlet that is not controlled by a light switch.

Turn your system on using the ON/OFF switch located on the back.

Your system will turn on and announce, “System Ready.”

The emergency and reset buttons along with the display screen will illuminate.

Within a few minutes, the system will obtain the date and time from the cellular network. The date and time cannot be set manually.


Note: Some locks are stiff when new. If the lock will not open when the correct combination is set, simply press in on the dials to settle them in place.

If you need to change your combination, please call Customer Service for assistance at 800-906-0872. Please do not turn screw or attempt to change combination without contacting Customer Service.