7 Ways that Technology Can Make Life Easier for Seniors

Seniors at Laptop

There are many ways that technology can make life easier for senior citizens. The professional caregivers, friends and relatives of seniors can teach an older individual how to enjoy the new technological advances to improve their quality of living. Here are some of the daily benefits of modern technology for seniors.

1. Improving Cognitive Abilities

There are many ways that technology can help seniors worried about developing dementia or other cognitive issues. Seniors can find brain-training games online that are easy to use, and many websites offer free brainteasers to help senior citizens exercise their brain’s synapses to reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, seniors can watch sporting activities online and keep track of a favorite team’s statistics to keep their brains active.

2. Managing Finances to Avoid Fraud

Many con artists and scammers will try to take advantage of senior citizens in order to steal their money in a variety of ways. Using a computer or smartphone, an individual and their caregivers can monitor finances in real-time to stay ahead of fraudsters.

In addition to checking bank accounts daily for any unauthorized charges, seniors and their caregivers can sign up for alerts from financial monitoring or fraud detection companies to monitor suspicious activity or learn if someone is trying to use a bank account or credit card without proper approval.

3. Scheduling Appointments with Dentists and Physicians

With a smartphone or a computer, seniors can keep track of their medical and dental appointments and make sure that the services are covered and paid for by insurance companies. Many physicians can also contact the seniors using automated text messages and apps to send appointment reminders and track their progress.

It is also possible to keep track of other types of appointments, including appointments with financial advisers, attorneys or real estate agents.

4. Shopping Online

Today, many stores do not mail paper advertisements to local residents, so by using a computer or a smartphone, a senior citizen can determine what stores to visit and where to get the best prices. Using store apps can also allow seniors and caregivers to track purchases and set reminders when they may need necessary food or home items. In addition, many stores now offer home deliveries, allowing seniors to buy food, medications or other goods easily without needing to leave the home.

5. Maintaining Social Connections to Improve Emotional Well-being

When a senior citizen’s family and friends live in other cities or states, it is possible to maintain a social connection with an internet connection. Seniors can use chat or video features on a computer or a smartphone to see and talk to loved ones. By maintaining social connections, it is possible to have a healthier mind and body. Online connections are also an easier way for a senior to communicate with a caregiver who is away from a home.

Technology can also help seniors connect with local resources including social groups, senior support networks and other resources in their area.

6. Managing Health

With online research, seniors and their caregivers can learn how to improve their diet and build effective exercise routines, regardless of their physical limitations. If a senior has a particular health condition, they can use smartphone-enabled Bluetooth devices to track their health stats. This can help alert seniors, caregivers and physicians to potential problems before they require hospitalization.

There are also websites and web-enabled medication management tools that can help seniors to better manage daily medications to avoid complications.

7. Connect with Emergency Medical Assistance

Today, experts suggest that senior citizens invest in a medical alert system that is simple to use during an emergency. Seniors wear these devices around the neck or on the wrist so that they can call for paramedics or contact a caregiver for assistance at the touch of a button.