Be Ready for Emergencies with a Medical Alert System

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September is National Preparedness Month. Are you ready should an emergency occur? Few things can help older adults prepare for an emergency better than a medical alert system. Having a medical alert system, wearing your emergency button at all times, and having a complete list of emergency contacts can ensure you get the help you need in case of an emergency.

Taking Preventative Measures for Your Safety

When you are faced with an emergency, every second counts and a Medical Alert system can give you the seconds you need. With 24/7 monitoring, you can talk to an emergency response operator anytime day or night with just the push of a button.

You may not need a trip to the emergency room; rather you just want to call a loved one to help you once you’ve fallen. The operator can make calls on your behalf and get you the assistance you need. Having these devices is just one more way that you can make your home a safe haven in your golden years.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the medical alert system that is right for you. For instance, you can add GPS tracking as well as fall detection for just a little bit more each month. If you are unable to push a button for assistance due to a fall or other medical emergency, the smart technology of these systems can get help quickly.

How a Medical Alert System Helps You Prepare

Maintaining Independence

It’s the goal of most people to remain in their homes for as long as possible. However, living alone can make you apprehensive about the unthinkable. If you take medications, have bouts of dizziness or have medical conditions that leave you susceptible to accidents, then these systems give you the security that if something happens, you can get help quickly.

Getting Assistance If You Fall

As you age, your body becomes more susceptible to trip and fall accidents. One tumble can leave you with a broken hip or other severe injuries. What if you were to fall and there was no one around? What if you can’t get to your phone to call for help? Having an emergency medical alert system can allow you to get the assistance you need quickly. You can call family or friends with the touch of a button. Or with Fall Detection, an operator will be called, even if you cannot reach your button.†

Protection Both in and Out of Your Home

With GPS-enabled Mobile Systems, not only will you have protection while you are in your home, but you can also get help when you are out and about. Just because you are older doesn’t mean that you can’t have a life outside the walls of your home. No matter where you are or what time of day, help can be on the way in a matter of minutes.

Protection for More than Illness or Injuries

The very name of the system makes people think that these devices are only for medical emergencies. The truth is that they can provide protection far beyond your medical needs. Did you know that you can use these devices to summon help in the event of a fire, burglary, or even a flood? You’ll have access to help at the touch of a button, and it’s not limited to a specific type of emergency.