Best Devices and Apps for Video Chatting with Seniors

Video Chatting

Maintaining communications with the elderly is one of the best ways to display your affection and show them that you care. But since it not always possible to visit them and have one-on-one interaction, sometimes you have to come up with smart ways to communicate with the senior citizens. Whether you’re under a stay at home order or just want to be able to stay in better touch with a loved one, video calling is a great way to talk to friends and family. However, not all video chat apps are created equally. Some can be more complicated, requiring login and password, while others can be device-specific, such as Apple’s FaceTime app.

If you are searching for easy video calling for seniors, here are our best recommendations for video calling devices and apps to help you stay in contact with your less tech-savvy and technology-shy senior loved one.


ViewClix Smart Frame is easy to use and doesn’t require any overly complicated input from senior citizens. The 15-inch digital frame comes with video calling capabilities that enable you to keep a constant visual connection with your elderly parents or grandparents. The device can receive a video call from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

With the ViewClix Smart Frame, seniors can view the latest family pictures in a high definition slideshow. You can manage this device remotely by signing in to the ViewClix cloud after downloading the app. You can set the time taken by each slideshow and whether you want it to go to sleep mode in late hours. However, the caveat is that you are the only one who can make the video call and not the senior citizen.

Amazon Echo Show

Although it boasts of being one of the most advanced communication devices in the market, Amazon Echo Show is uncomplicated and relatively easy to use. Amazon Echo Show is a smart 8” HD screen with an integrated smart home hub that allows seniors to make video calls easily. This device comes with built-in Alexa, which allows the elderly to make a video call through voice activation. The seniors will just need to instruct the device to call so and so, and if the people are in the contact list, the video call will be patched through to them.

Atop the video call feature, the Echo Show Can be used to perform a wide range of other functions. It can be used to manage voice control enable devices in your homes, such as security cameras, thermostats, and lights. It can also be used to display your album from Amazon photos and showcase step-by-step cooking recipes.


GrandPad is another nifty product designed to help you keep close communication with your elderly parent or grandparent. The 8-inch touch screen tablet comes with built-in Verizon 4G LTE (no need for Wi-Fi), a stylus, and a charging stand. It boasts a simplified menu with large colorful icons and only a few essential features that give the seniors a clutter-free interface and one-touch access to connect with friends and family digitally.

Besides video calls, the GrandPad can also be used to send voice emails, make regular phone calls, view photos and videos, play games, and listen to personalized music. However, what makes this device stand out is its simplicity. All features are as simple as possible for older people to grasp.

Oscar Senior

Oscar Senior is not a device but a specialized app that can be installed on nearly all smartphones and tablets to permit communication between family members and senior citizens. This all-in-one software solution is designed with the senior audience in mind. It features a minimalist, bright, and uncluttered design that won’t confuse the elderly when using it.

Oscar Senior can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, and once installed in a hand-held device, seniors can initiate a video call with a single touch. The app comes with an auto-answer feature, which means that the video call will start automatically without the seniors’ needing to touch anything. Additionally, there is a group video chat feature that allows different family members to check on the senior member at a go.

Final Verdict

Without any reasonable doubt, the devices and apps named in this writeup are the most simple and easy to use video calling devices for seniors in the market. However, depending on your senior loved one’s tech ability, you can also opt for other video calling devices, video phones, and apps, including Google, Duo, Skype, Zoom Meeting, Facetime, Discord, and Facebook Messenger. However, these options are for more complicated since they require signing up and several navigation steps when making a video call.

So, if the senior member isn’t that tech-savvy, it’s best if you stick to the products discussed in this article as they not only offer simplicity, but they are also quick and less indulging.