Best Exercise Plan for Seniors

Exercise plan for seniors

We all know how important it is to get regular exercise. As we age, it is still important, but our needs and our abilities change. Keeping our strength will help with balance, healing, and our mental health.

While most seniors won’t be running marathons, there is no reason why they can’t still enjoy and benefit from a regular exercise regime. Even a few minutes a few times a week can make a great difference.

Best Exercise Plan for Seniors

Depending on mobility and ability, a little bit of exercise will be beneficial. Before you start any type of exercise, make sure you visit your regular healthcare provider to make sure there won’t be complications.


Going for a walk every day is still one of the best forms of exercise we can get. Whether you are out running errands or just out to enjoy the sunshine and the birds, walking is highly recommended.

Walk rather than drive or take transport when you take a trip to the market, go out visiting, or are keeping an appointment. Set out a bit earlier and try to put a bit of pep in your walk to increase your heart rate.


If you have access to a pool or a lake, take advantage of a good swim. Swimming works all the muscles and is great for your heart, circulation and muscle tone.

It’s also nice because there is no stress or impact on the body. Even just floating along, kicking your feet, and moving your arms will show an improvement in no time.

Swimming is great for those with chronic pain, arthritis, or mobility issues. It’s also very relaxing which can alleviate stress and help to improve your mental health, as well as physical.


Some light weights will help tone muscles and improve your balance. You can use cans or books for those without. Use them as they are, lying down with some arm work, standing up out of your chair repeatedly, or toe touches and then arms raised.

There are also ankle weights you can wear while doing your household chores. After a while, you will hardly notice them. They can be great to strengthen your legs and improve balance.


Practicing yoga is also a great full exercise that seniors can do and benefit from. Even slight stretching every day will help to improve mood, balance, mental health, and allow them a better sleep.

Yoga also is about control. People can learn to control their breathing, their tempers, it builds strength, helps them to manage pain, lose weight, and relieve tension that they hold in their muscles.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way for older people to regain or maintain their strength, their balance, muscle control, and they can easily see their improvement over time.

They can be used everywhere whenever they want. These are great for those who may not be able to get around or get mobile very well. They can be done sitting down, lying down, or leaning.

Protect Against Falls

The exercise might be simple, but some loved ones may have issues that may make them more prone to falls. Additionally, it would help if you considered getting a Medical Alert system for seniors who feel a little unsteady and unbalanced. With added fall detection technology, the system can automatically contact an emergency response operator for help after a fall.