Build Healthy Bones with These Superfoods

Build Healthy Bones With These Superfoods

As we get older, our bones can become more fragile and brittle. We aren’t as active as we once were and we don’t always eat the same things. This is a contributing factor to falls.

It can also lead to issues like osteoporosis. But choosing to add a few foods to our regular diet can help keep our bones stronger for longer. Just a few of these superfoods a day will make a marked improvement.

SuperFoods for Bone Health

If you try to include a few of these foods every day, you can help preserve your bone strength.

Seeds and Nuts

Most types of seeds and nuts are very high in proteins and minerals. You can eat them just as they are, add them to salads and sauces, and have them in butter form, like almond butter.

They contain calcium, they are high in fiber, contain minerals like magnesium and potassium, and are high in healthy oils. They are an excellent source of calcium and protein.

Dark Leafy Greens

Consuming dark leafy greens like swiss chard, collard greens, kale, broccoli, and spinach can give your body a boost of calcium and vitamin K. The darker the vegetable the higher the concentration of nutrients.

You can eat these vegetables raw, steamed, in casseroles and sauces, or anyhow you like. Replace these with some of your other regular vegetables, If you don’t care for them, add them to a smoothie.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is an excellent way to up your fiber, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin K. These are perfect for people who just want a sweet snack now and then.

Take them with you and have a few pieces throughout the day. Add them to baking, or add a few nuts and make your own trail mix. It doesn’t take a lot of them to make a difference.

Nut Milk

Non-dairy milk is another great way to get more calcium. Almond and soy milk are growing in popularity and often have way more calcium content. It’s also high in vitamin E and potassium.

Use it on cereal, in your baking, or just enjoy a glass as it is. It comes in various flavors, so it is really a great way to boost your calcium and get more nutrition. Look for enriched milk for more calcium.


Oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes can all add a much-needed boost of natural vitamin C to your daily diet. They are delicious and full of vitamins and minerals.

Add them to cereal, in a salad, make juice or just peel and eat. A single grapefruit contains about 88 mg of vitamin C, which is your daily requirement. They are great in smoothies, too.

Dairy Products

You can add a bit of cheese, yogurt, or milk to your daily diet to get a big boost of calcium. There are many ways to get dairy into your diet every day. These foods contain high levels of calcium and other nutrients.

Yogurt with some nuts and dried fruit for breakfast is a superfood combo to get you started in the morning. Filling and nutritious, these contain calcium that will strengthen your bones.

Building Healthy Bones

It can be difficult for older people to get the proper nutrition they need. They may not care for certain foods, may have trouble chewing or digesting various foods, or are on a restrictive diet.

Calcium and other bone-strengthening minerals are available in oral forms like drops, vitamin tablets, and liquid forms. You can also consider getting your loved one a medical alert system if you are worried they are susceptible to falls.