Halloween Activities for Seniors and Their Loved Ones

Couple walking in pumpkin patch

Halloween isn’t just for kids. People of all ages can enjoy the holiday in many different ways. It doesn’t have to be all about candy. There are plenty of activities you can enjoy.

Whether you are planning something for an older loved one or a whole family activity, use your imagination. Make the most of it for everyone involved to create memories that last a lifetime.

Halloween Activities

When planning activities for seniors, take into account their overall abilities, their mental health, their physical limitations, and even their dexterity levels. Using small crafting items may be difficult and lead to disruptions or disinterest.

Make Decorations

Putting together some decorations for either inside or outside, or both, can be fun and encourage creativity. Pick a theme and make decorations that will delight visitors and people passing by.

Use simple materials to tell a story, put on a show, or just add some color to the front yard or rooms in the house. Streamers, silhouettes of black cats, paper skeletons, and even different colored pumpkins, ghouls, or ghosts.

Carve Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins can be a great deal of fun for the whole family. It’s a chance to get messy and make something fun, scary, or funny. Draw patterns on some for seniors who may have control issues.

Bake the seeds to enjoy eating or find ways to use them in other recipes or crafts. Of course, you can use the insides of the pumpkins for pies, breads, and other great dishes that can be sweet or savory.

Make Costumes

Halloween costumes don’t need to be difficult or complicated. If you are making them for the little ones, why not include a few adult ones, as well. Pick a favorite character and try to make something people can recognize.

It can be as easy as going to the secondhand clothing store and finding items you can adjust. You won’t worry about cutting the items or sewing something onto them as they are often only a few dollars.

Attend A Halloween Party

If there is a community center that your loved one attends, they will likely be having a party. Most senior drop-in centers have some kind of celebration you can attend.

Or you can go to a party for adults that you can take your mom along to, or even host one yourself. Invite some of their friends to make them feel like it is a celebration for them.

Go Trick or Treating

If you are already taking the kids out, take your loved one along, too. The walk could be good for them and they can see all the kids and their costumes in the neighborhood.

If there is a group of people that your loved one knows well, you can organize a seniors trick-or-treat event. Think about the types of items you could hand out rather than candy.

Take in The Neighborhood Decorations

Take a drive around the neighborhoods near where you live and check out their decorations. Some people make an enormous effort and that is to be enjoyed. It might even inspire you for next year’s decorations.

Check out your community information platform, as many people want you to come by and see their yards. Many may even be interactive, so you can go up to them and see what surprises there are.

Make Great Pictures

If you are already making costumes and decorations, make sure you mark the event with lots of great pictures. Try working on a theme, like The Munsters, and then take pictures of you all losing and dressed like your favorite.

These can make great photo albums or pictures you can print and frame. Make sure you give them to everyone who was involved as a great keepsake for everyone to be reminded of a fabulous time.

If your loved one is going to an event on their own, or even just staying home to hand out candy, you may want to consider a medical alert system. This gives them a direct connection to help, should they need it. It also brings everyone peace of mind.