Thanksgiving: How to Celebrate with Seniors this Year

Virtual Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to share a meal and celebrate with family and friends. For the average American family, the year is not complete without a bountiful gathering filled with all the trimmings. The holiday represents a moment when family members from young to old come together to share some valuable time, laughter, food, and thankfulness. This year, however, could still look a little different.

With COVID-19 vaccines becoming readily available the country is starting to return back to normal, but we must still remember to protect our most vulnerable family members during the holidays.

If you have someone in your family who is at high risk or loved ones across the country who are still concerned about travel, the current pandemic presents an opportunity for creativity and finding new ways to celebrate with those we love. The good news is that Thanksgiving is not ruined. There are still many safe ways to celebrate the holiday while giving thanks this year:

Send Your Loved One’s Treats

Sending a gift of delicious treats to your loved ones can help lift their spirits this holiday. Whip up something homemade and delicious instead of ordering online to make the gesture even that much more thoughtful. Send baked cookies, banana bread or pumpkin bread as a reminder that you care.

Plan a Virtual Dinner

If your loved one is in a care facility, they can still be included in Thanksgiving celebrations. Plan a virtual gathering to give them a live family dinner experience. Make the event more exciting by broadcasting the display of your gadget’s screen to the TV.

Host a Small Celebration

To protect your most vulnerable loved ones this holiday consider hosting a special day with limited guests. Organize activities such as cooking or looking at photo albums to make the celebration memorable.

Consider an Outdoor Gathering

Plan an outdoor celebration to help mitigate the risks and take advantage of the warm November weather. Limit the number of friends and family members, and practice social distancing as you hold thanksgiving celebrations in the backyard or at a park.

Give the Gift of Safety

A Medical Alert system serves as a powerful reminder of our commitment to safeguarding the health and safety of our cherished seniors. It’s a symbol of our love, care, and dedication to their protection, ensuring that they can continue to enjoy the warmth of family gatherings and the joy of shared moments. This holiday season let’s extend our love beyond the festivities and wrap our elders in the security of a Medical Alert system—a gift that speaks volumes about our unwavering devotion to their safety and well-being.

While this year has presented us with numerous challenges, it has also underscored the importance of cherishing our loved ones and safeguarding the most vulnerable among us—our seniors. As we reflect on the hurdles we’ve faced, we are reminded of the strength that comes from unity and the resilience that stems from caring for each other. This holiday season, let’s not only express our gratitude for the time spent with family and friends but also take proactive steps to ensure their well-being.