The Many Ways Volunteering Is Good for Senior Health

Grandmother & granddaughter gardening

Once people reach retirement, they tend to slow down. As we age, we slow down even more and are not often very active. This could be due to failing health, lack of mobility, or fading hearing and eyesight.

However, it is very beneficial for seniors to remain active and busy. Volunteering is a great way to get a sense of purpose and stay connected to your community.

Combat Loneliness

Seniors living on their own can become very lonely. If they have trouble moving about, are stuck inside due to bad weather, or simply don’t feel like socializing.

Volunteering someplace will connect them with like-minded people, often in their same age group, and allow them to meet new people. It can also give them something to look forward to.

Benefits Physical Health

Depending on what they are volunteering for, it provides an opportunity to get out of the house and get some exercise. Moving about helps to keep excess weight down and is good for your heart and circulation.

Volunteering somewhere that requires a bit of muscle, like a food bank can also be great exercise and help keep your muscles toned and strong. You can help yourself while helping others.

Improve Mental Health

All too often, seniors on their own can slip into depression. Getting out and volunteering will give you a chance to meet people and you will be happier and feel like you are making a difference to someone who needs help.

When you volunteer, you are contributing to your community and to society. It can give you a great sense of accomplishment which will make you happy. Giving back gives you a feeling of being productive.

You will meet new people and make new friends. This means you will have a social life and can continue to meet your new friends outside of the place where you volunteer.

Educate Yourself

Volunteering can open you up to new people, new adventures, and new skills. You may learn about someone else’s culture or language, you might learn how to do various things you never knew about before.

There is a good chance to engage with people that you may have never had the opportunity to meet without volunteering. You can improve your technical skills and expand your knowledge beyond your normal comfort zone.

Revisit Old Skills

A great way to revisit your past hobbies or passions is to volunteer where they will be put to use. Maybe you used to be a teacher or have a passion for photography or gardening.

When you volunteer someplace where your skills will be a benefit to others you will enjoy your time there much more. You get to revisit your past and pass on your skills and knowledge to people who want to learn more about it.

Close Generation Gap

When you volunteer with kids or youths, it can help you understand the younger generation. This may even help you to connect better with your own kids or grandkids, and even impress them with your newfound knowledge.

It also gives you the opportunity to pass on your skills and live lessons to younger people. This type of connection can benefit you and the young people you are helping with compassion and understanding.

Gives You Purpose

One of the biggest challenges for seniors is feeling needed or wanted. The kids are all off on their own and you may be struggling to find purpose in your life. By volunteering your time, you will find purpose.

You can take great pride by helping others. They will appreciate the help and the organization where you choose to volunteer will also be very grateful. Having something to look forward to and knowing you make a difference will make you feel better about your life.

Look for volunteering opportunities in your community. School, animal shelters, local community centers, or a homeless organization would all be most grateful for the extra help.