Mytrex LTE

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Setting Up Your System

Set up your unit in a centrally located place in your home. This allows the two-way communication between you and the operator to work most effectively.

Plug the power cube into an electric power outlet that is not controlled by a light switch.

Slide the O/I switch to the “I” position and the device will announce, “System Ready.” This may take a few moments.

The status light on the device will turn green.

Testing Your System

Press your neck or wrist button. The unit will announce, “Calling for help” several times.

Allow the test call to proceed to the emergency response team.

When the operator answers, let them know you are testing your unit. The operator will verify your system is working properly.

If you experience any problems with your testing, please call Customer Service at 800-906-0872 for assistance.

Using Your System

Test the Range of Your Wrist or Neck Button

To make sure your system works throughout your home, conduct the following range test. Have one person stay near the base unit while you walk around to different areas of your home to test the neck or wrist button.

How to Conduct Your Test

The white T/L (Test/Learn) button is located on the back of your medical alarm unit. Press and release it one time. The unit will announce “Range Test Mode.”

Immediately press and hold your wrist or neck button. A steady tone will sound from the unit speaker as long as it detects that the button is being pressed.

Walk around the home while continuing to press and hold the wrist or neck button and check for the steady tone from the unit speaker. Check all areas of the home to make sure the signal is received. Take note of any “dead zones” in which the tone stops.

To finish the Range Test, release the wrist or neck button. Press the black RESET button on the back of the unit. The unit will announce, “System Ready.”

Note: If needed, relocate your unit to eliminate any “dead zones” and conduct another Range Test.

Placing a Call

In the event of an emergency, press your wrist or neck button or the unit’s HELP button.

The operator will talk to you through the unit’s speaker and ask if you need help. In the event that you cannot communicate with the emergency response center, help will be dispatched to the address on file.

Note: When your button is pressed, the light flashes green to indicate the button batteries are OK; a red light indicates the button batteries may be weak. Every time the Response Center receives a signal from your wrist or neck button, its battery status is reported.

The RESET Button

The black RESET button is located on the rear of your base unit. If your unit is properly installed, when the RESET button is pressed, the unit will then return to its standard operation mode. It will be ready to transmit alarms from your wrist or pendant Help button or the Base Unit Help button. The base unit will announce “System Ready” when the RESET button is pressed.

Canceling a Call

The black RESET button can be use to cancel a call for help if your device is inadvertently activated.

Press the RESET button within 10-15 seconds of activation — otherwise the medical alarm base unit will already be communicating with the Response Center. If you cannot cancel your call within this time frame, please allow the base unit to complete the call to the Response Center and tell the operator you accidentally activated your device.

Turning the Console On and Off
  • To turn ON the unit: Slide the O/I switch on the back of the device to “I”.
  • To turn OFF the unit: Slide the O/I button to “O” and wait for the status light to go out.


A single status light is located on the left lower edge of the large HELP button on the base unit, next to the word “STATUS” printed on the button.
The status light is programmed to display the following light signals when in normal operating mode:

Light Status What it Means What to do
Green Solid Unit is Ready No action required
Green Blinking AC power is not working, running on battery power Check power source to make sure the unit is plugged into an outlet that is controlled by light switch that is in the “off” position
Solid Red Alarm activated. Unit is Calling emergency response center Wait for an operator
Red Blinking Unit is detecting weak cellular signal strength Relocate base unit and push “RESET”. Repeat until light turns solid GREEN

Important Information
  • Your wrist and neck button are water resistant and should be worn in the bath or shower.
  • Your Connect America account number is printed on your medical alarm unit.
  • During a power outage, the battery backup on the base station will last up to 30 hours on a fully charged unit.
  • The lanyard has been designed to break away when tugged. However, the user can still suffer serious person injury or death if the cord becomes entangled or stuck on objects.
  • Some electrical devices can cause radio frequency interference, and metal objects can prevent the signal from reaching the antenna inside your device. In such cases, it may be helpful to relocate your device or move the object that is preventing the signal from being received.
  • Test your system monthly!
  • Please notify us if there are any changes to your address, phone number or emergency contacts.