5 Ways to Help Your Loved Ones Age in Place

Couple in Apartment

Aging in place is something we all should be allowed to do. Remaining in one’s home for as long as possible is more comfortable for seniors and keeps them more active and in control of their lives. But, as we age, cognitive issues and small accidents around the home can have a significant effect on a senior’s health and well-being. It can also be very worrisome for family members. But it doesn’t mean that a parent needs to be shuffled off to the care home, there are plenty of ways to keep seniors safe and comfortable in their own homes and take the worry off your shoulders.

Provide Caregivers at Home

Getting a reliable caregiver in to help out with whatever they may need is a great idea. A professional caregiver can help seniors with shopping, cleaning, cooking and personal care. They can also help ensure that seniors are taking prescribed medications and staying healthy.

It’s important to include your elderly parent or family member in the hiring process, so make sure they are allowed in on the interview and get the last say on who ultimately will be coming into their home.

Alternatives to Medication

Too much medication can affect people’s minds, body functions and mobility. While maintaining a prescribed medication schedule is important, finding other ways to ease pain, improve mood and overall well-being can be beneficial and help save seniors money as well.

Often, exercise, a healthier diet, yoga, walks, and socialization can make a huge difference. Remember, don’t make any significant changes without consulting with a senior’s physician.

24/7 Emergency Monitoring

Technology has come a long way in all areas, and this includes medical alert devices. With one touch family members, caregivers or neighbors are notified, an ambulance can be dispatched and the operators can remain online until help arrives.

Our Medical Alert systems can work in the home and when a senior is out and about. They’re designed to work on an existing landline or on mobile networks, so there’s no significant upfront cost. Our systems even have available fall detection, so help is notified after a fall even if they can’t reach their device.

Having a Medical Alert system can help keep seniors safe and give loved ones additional peace of mind.

Community Living

It’s rather commonplace now to see older people sharing their home with others their own age. This allows people to help each other, take care of each other and no one is ever alone.

This is a great idea for many people to share the load. There can still be a caregiver that comes in to check on everyone, but it’s a one-stop, not several. They share the rent, the bills, help each other with chores and have company.

It’s not uncommon for people, particularly men, to decline in health once they lose their partner. A community living situation can make a big difference. It gives them a sense of purpose.

Make Some Modifications

If your older loved one can no longer handle the stairs or see very well, make their home easier to navigate. Put in ramps, widen passageways, remove obstacles, lower cabinets, make it elderly-friendly. Sometimes simply moving a master bedroom to the ground floor can make a big difference. Many of these adjustments can mean many more years for someone to remain in their home.

It takes no time at all to put together a plan of action to allow your parent or loved one to age in place. A few slight adjustments may be all that is needed to add many more years of life and enjoyment to an aging parent.