Selecting the Proper Footwear for Senior Fall Prevention

Selecting the Proper Footwear for Senior Fall Prevention

One of the biggest dangers and causes of injury for our seniors is slipping and falling. Brittle bones and weakened muscles make them very vulnerable. A great way to help prevent falls is proper footwear.

There comes a time when we need supportive shoes. Our arches fall, our feet swell, and we may be less steady on our feet. Even small falls can cause big injuries.

Best Shoes for Seniors

Just because you need to get shoes that provide more stability and security doesn’t mean they can’t still look nice. It’s a great idea to have several pairs of shoes for different activities.


The sole of your shoes should be soft enough to bend as you walk but not too soft. They need to have a good tread on them and something that is also slip-proof in water.

The soles need to be firm enough to be supportive. Light shoes, like running shoes, are often good but they can be too light. Make sure they are not too heavy and that the soles are not clunky or too thick. Shoes with thick soles are too difficult to walk in.


Our feet can change over the years and shoes that used to fit us no longer do. The shoes need to fit snuggly. When trying them on, wear the type of sock that will normally be worn.

If the shoes are too big, our feet slide around inside and can be the cause of the fall. It is too difficult to walk in shoes that are too big, as they will slide off and cause us to work twice as hard to keep them on.

If the shoes are too tight it causes pain and even blisters. When buying shoes, it is important to check both shoes, as one may fit differently than the other. One may be perfect and the other too big or small.

Flat Bottom

Avoid shoes with a heel, even smaller ones. This can cause people to become unbalanced. The heels can also catch on steps, sidewalk edges, and other objects that can cause a trip.

You can find nice dress shoes without a heel and the same with winter boots. Some boots and shoes have a defined heel without adding any height, which can be good on certain surfaces and snow or ice.

Closed Heels and Toes

Shoes with open toes or heels tend to get stretched out. They may not be sturdy enough for walking in. If they are to be worn around the house only, make sure they still have a secure sole and fit well.

For walking around outside, shoes that cover the entire foot are best. Open shoes can not only be flimsy but they can also allow debris in like rocks, glass, and dirt that cause discomfort.


It’s always a good idea to have a variety of shoes. One really good pair used for walking and getting about can be custom-made to make sure they are the perfect fit and last a long time.

Insoles can be fitted into a great pair of shoes to make walking more comfortable and easier. There are also over-the-counter orthopedics. If your senior has foot problems, orthopedics can help with pain and imbalance. 

Fall Prevention

If you worry about your seniors but can’t be with them all the time, great shoes will add the support they need while walking. You can also get them a Medical Alert system with fall detection just in case they do fall when you are not around. This adds safety and peace of mind for the whole family.