Getting Home Safely After a Dangerous Fall

Older woman walking with nurse

One of the biggest causes of injury and even decline among seniors is falling. Falling can cause permanent damage and trauma, often for the rest of their lives. After a fall, they almost always require special care.

For those who are able to recover at home, their lives will not be the same. They likely won’t be able to go back to their lives as they once knew them. That means you need to take steps to ensure they are safe, healthy, and cared for.

Life After a Fall

Even seniors in great physical condition cannot usually walk away from a fall. There are often broken bones, like hips or arms, and maybe even head injuries. This is often followed by mental fear and anguish, as well.

Prepare Their Home

Before they are taken home to recover, it’s important that you make adjustments to their home or the home where they will be living. This will largely depend on the types of injuries they have.

You may need to clear the way throughout the home to accommodate a wheelchair or walker. Even if they don’t need assistance walking, chances are they will be unsteady on their feet.

There may also be requirements to adjust the kitchen to ensure safety and accessibility. If they are still able to prepare food and use the kitchen, there may be some renovations needed to lower cabinets or make the space wheelchair accessible.

The bathroom is another room that will likely require adjustments. Perhaps a walk-in shower stall that can fit a wheelchair or with a bench inside for sitting. A tub that can open on the side may be needed, and even support handles on the toilet.

You may need to install a ramp outside to allow them to get in and out with a wheelchair or walker. If there are stairs inside the home, a chairlift may be needed,

Make sure that they are going to be able to function within their home before you invest a lot in renovations. It might be best to take her home with you while she recovers.

Arrange Care

Once your loved one has returned home, they should never just be left on their own. It is vital that you arrange for them to be at the very least supervised for several days.

This will allow them to rest and recover at home and not have to worry about cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, or even having another accident. You or your family members can take turns or you can hire a professional caregiver.

At first, at least, they will likely need help with cooking and food prep, cleaning, bathing, dressing, and even help to get around the home. Some people are able to recover and get back to their regular lives, others are not.

You need to discuss this with your loved one to see which they prefer, assuming they are able. They may not want a stranger in their home to look after them, or they might just prefer that, as opposed to it being a family member.

This is a tricky situation for families. Depending on your loved one, they may try to refuse all care offers, as they often feel like a burden. The other side of this is that they may try to take advantage of the situation, and refuse to do anything for themselves.

Consider a medical alert system for added security and support. This allows your loved one to maintain independence while also having fast access to help 24/7.


Your loved one will require transportation on a fairly regular basis. They will have doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, perhaps social events, and other places they need to go.

They will also need to have someone get their shopping, groceries, medications, and anything else they require. You can always get them set up with a delivery service and let them order these items online to be delivered.

You can always make arrangements with other family members to pick Mom up on the way somewhere or to call her and ask if she needs anything from the grocery store, as you are already going there.

Don’t let their needs take up too much time in your own day. You can pre-book taxis or rideshare programs that can help out immensely. Look into community programs or government assistance for those who need transportation with a wheelchair.


Life as you all know it will change after a fall. Even a slight fall can cause untold injury and damage. It is important that you all take a moment and realize what will be needed to keep your loved one happy, safe, and secure.