General Information

How to Use Your Button

Firmly press your neck or wrist button to contact an emergency response operator. For at-home systems, you will need to speak into the two-way speaker on the base unit. However, our on the go devices include an integrated two-way speaker, which you can speak directly into.

The button can and should be worn when showering or bathing, but should not be worn in a chlorinated pool.

We recommend you sleep with your wrist button or keep your button close by.

We recommend that you use the provided breakaway lanyard that comes with your Medical Alert system. Do not replace the cord with another lanyard or chain.

How to Activate a Replacement or New Button

Please call Customer Care at 800-906-0872.

What to Do When You Move

Please contact us at 800-906-0872 or complete our change of address form at least one week prior to your move to update your information.

How to Update Your Account Information

Please call Customer Care at 800-906-0872 for assistance or complete our account update form.

How to Track Your Order

If you provided an email address when you ordered your device, you should receive an email with the tracking information.

How to Test Your System

Be sure to test your system at least once a month to make sure it is working properly. Please follow the testing instructions for your particular system.

The range of your neck or wrist button can vary, so please do a range test in and around your home. Please refer to your User Manual for more information on range test.

How to Use Medical Alert System with Multiple People

At Home Systems: Additional neck or wrist buttons can be purchased to be used with your system.

On the Go Systems: Each user will need to have their own On the Go system.

How to Adjust Your Neck Pendant

Firmly grasp the flat adjuster bead and pull in either direction until you reach the desired length.

How to Suspend Service

Under certain circumstances, your account can be suspended. Please call Customer Care at 800-906-0872 assistance.

How to Cancel Service

Email or call 800-800-1003 to cancel your service through one of our customer account representatives. Following confirmation of your cancellation, all customer equipment should be shipped to 816 Park Way, Broomall, PA 19008