Linear PERS Wall Button

Self-Activation Instructions

Please follow the self-activation instructions below before using your new button.

Remove the foam piece between the emergency help button and the base of the button.

Press and hold down the rectangular button on the top of your console unit that reads, “CLEAR” for approximately 5 to 7 seconds until you hear the unit announce, “Ready to learn sensor,” then release the CLEAR button.

Immediately press firmly on your new HELP button and release.

You will hear the console announce, “Emergency sensor learned.” The new transmitter is now activated.

Please dial 800-982-1071 from your home phone to test your new button. You will be prompted through testing. It is very important that you test your new button to ensure it was programmed into your base unit properly.

Your HELP button can be used bedside by placing the button on the supplied rubber pad and resting it on your nightstand. It can also be used in the shower area by mounting the suction cup to a tile wall and hanging the button on the hook. Be sure not to submerge you button in water.

Repeat this process for each new button you received. Your buttons will then be ready to use. If you encounter any issues or wish to speak to a live agent, a Customer Care representative is available by phone at 800-230-6962.