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Ways to Maintain Independence – Tips for Seniors


As our loved ones age, it can be frustrating for family members. We often try to jump in and take over a task to save time, but we are not doing them or ourselves any favors. Keeping them independent for as long as possible is better for everyone. It helps them keep active and maintain both physical and mental health. There are a few ways you can help them keep…


How to Empower the Seniors in Your Life

It can be very difficult to watch our loved ones get older and less agile. It’s tempting to lose our patience and try to do certain tasks for them rather than watch them struggle. But, as tempting as it may be, it is important that they still feel independent and worthy. Let your loved ones age with grace and feel empowered for as long as possible. Empowering Your Seniors Once…

Caregiving, Health & Wellness

Losing Caregiver Guilt and Living at Peace

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Caring for an elderly loved one is a massive undertaking. It can make you feel any and all kinds of emotions. Frustrated, lonely, angry, and guilty. It can be a thankless job, even if you are not the primary caregiver. Guilt can enter the picture in many different ways. You might feel like they take up too much of your time, or you don’t see them enough. Or, you can…


How to Communicate with Aging Parents Who are Stubborn

It is a difficult place to be in to see your parents aging and starting to fail. As we switch roles between parent and child, we become the caregiver. This is often difficult for both of us. We tend to get more stubborn with age and if your parents are making risky decisions it can be very problematic. But they may be doing it out of spite, or they may…