Fall Detection

How It Works

You can use your fall detection pendant just like any of our Medical Alert system buttons–simply push the button around your neck and an emergency response operator will be contacted immediately. But with this cutting-edge technology, if you fall and are unable to push your button, you can breathe easy knowing it will automatically contact an operator for you.†

The Fall Detection Pendant only takes a few seconds to interpret the movement and determine if an actual fall has occurred. If a fall is determined, the pendant will send a signal to your device, which will initiate a call to the emergency response center, just as if you pressed your button. Remember; always press your button if able, as some falls may not be detectable.

Moreover, the best part is the fall detection pendant is both lightweight and waterproof*. Therefore, you can wear it everywhere–even in the shower, where falls are extremely common.

Canceling a False Alarm

At Home Systems

Your device will announce, “Emergency,” just as if you had pressed your button. You can cancel the alarm using by pressing the CLEAR button on your unit OR wait for the emergency operator to come on the line and let them know it was a false alarm/test only. If you do not explain it is not an emergency, help will be dispatched.

On the Go Systems

To cancel a call made due to a Fall Detect event, after you hear the announcement, press the HELP button on your main device for two seconds when prompted. The device will announce, “Your call has been canceled.”

Testing Your Fall Detection Pendant

At Home Systems

From a standing position, toss the Fall Detection Pendant gently forward onto a bare floor. Listen for the device to sound and either speak to the emergency operator or cancel the alarm using the clear button on your console unit. For best testing results, test on a bare floor such as the kitchen or bathroom.

On the Go

Hold your pendant by the lanyard so that the pendant is vertical for at least 30 seconds and can acclimate. Drop straight down from a height of at least three feet to simulate a fall. Allow the pendant to come to a rest and detect the fall. Listen for the device to sound and speak to the emergency operator or cancel the alarm by following the voice prompts.

The Fall Detection Pendant does not detect 100% of falls.


Always press your button if you are able, as some falls may not be detectable.

Important Safety Information

  • Test your system once a month by using your transmitter buttons. If the Fall Detection Pendant light blinks rapidly or is not properly working, Call 1-800-906-0872 for a new Pendant.
  • The signal distance from the Fall Detection Pendant to the device depends on the size, construction and environment in and outside your home.
  • Do not wear your Fall Detection Pendant while sleeping. Please wear your alternate button or keep your pendant near your bed.
  • The lanyard has been designed to breakaway when tugged however; the user can still suffer serious personal injury or death if the cord becomes entangled or stuck on objects.
  • Wear your Fall Detection Pendant at chest level with the emergency button facing forward.
  • Do not wear your Fall Detection Pendant while swimming or in a chlorinated pool.