Mobile Alert

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Setting Up Your System

Charge Your Mobile Alert Device

Plug the large end into an electrical outlet not controlled by a light switch and into the back of the charger. For optimal reception, place near a window.

Your device was shipped activated and ready to use. Place it in the charger cradle. Once in the cradle, all the lights will illuminate on and the green light will start blinking. This indicates that your device was successfully turned on.

The red battery light will illuminate, indicating that your device still needs charging. When your device is fully charged, the red light will turn off.

A fully-charged battery usually lasts up to 24 hours. For your best protection, please charge your device daily.

Important: You must charge the your device for at least 3 hours before using it.

Charge Your Mobile Alert Device

Once fully charged place you device on a window sill until the yellow light begins to blink. Your device is searching for a GPS satellite to obtain your location. This activity can take from 2 to15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, if the yellow light does not start blinking, take your device outside to an open area. Raise your device up to the sky in order to better obtain the GPS signal. Please be patient during this critical step—you will only need to preform this once.

Testing and service numbers for your device are located on your charging cradle. Please test your device at least once a month.

Automated Test Line: 1-844-539-6507

Using Your System

Test Your Mobile Device

While standing by your device, press your neck or neck button and hold down for 2 seconds. Press the button ONLY once.

The red light above the button will illuminate and the Mobile Alert system will sound several admit before the operator responses.

Tell the operator that you are okay and that you are testing your device. Ask the operator if they have your current GPS location. If not, please call Customer Care at 1-800-906-0872.

Test the Range of Your Device

It is recommended to have someone assist you with this test to avoid false dispatch of emergency help.

Have your assistant to stay near your device so they can speak to the operator when a test signal is received. Your device has a range of up to 350 feet.

Walk to the furthest area of your home wearing your neck or wrist button.

Press the button to send a signal to the emergency response team.

Important: You MUST have the Mobile Alert device with you when using the service outside your home.

Cellular Indicator What it Means
Green blinking slowly Device is connected to the wireless network
Green blinking quickly Device is NOT connected to the wireless network
GPS Indicator What it Means
Yellow blinking Indicates device is communicating with the GPS satellite
Low Battery Indicator What it Means
Red blinking slowly Battery is low – about one (1) hour of battery time remains
Red solid Battery is charging
Red off Battery is fully charged
Emergency Light What it Means
Red Solid Indicates you have successfully pushed your button and sent an alert to the emergency response center

Important Information
  • You should set up your unit in a centrally located place in your home. This allows the two-way communication between you and the operator to work most effectively.
  • Your account number is printed on the side of your handheld device.
  • Your neck and wrist button are water resistant and should be worn in the bath or shower.
  • Some electrical devices can cause radio frequency interference, and metal objects can prevent the signal from reaching the antenna inside your device. In such cases, it may be helpful to relocate your device or move the object that is preventing the signal from being received.
  • Charge your device daily! Test your system monthly!
  • Please notify us if there are any changes to your address, phone number or emergency contacts.