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Setting Up Your System

Plug In Your Device

Insert the small end of the power cord into the back of the Charger Cradle and plug the large end into a wall outlet that is not controlled by a light switch.

Place the Mobile365 Pendant in the Charger Cradle.

Follow the voice prompts until directed to connect to your Response Team.

Note:Mobile365 requires an adequate battery charge and cellular signal to make an emergency call. Always press your Call Button if you are able to!

Activate and Test

Mobile365 will automatically turn on and begin activation after the power cord is plugged into a standard wall outlet that is not controlled by a light switch, and the Pendant is placed in the Charger Cradle.

Pendant will flash status light colors and announce: “We are activating your personal mobile responder. We will notify you when activation is complete.”

Pendant will continue activation. Wait for the following announcement: “Activation is now complete. We are resetting your personal mobile responder so it is ready for your use. One moment please.”

Allow up to one minute for the device to restart.

Your device must remain in the Charger Cradle during this call.

Press and hold the Call Button. Listen for the audio message: “Calling your Response Team now.”

After the call, leave your Mobile365 in the Charger Cradle for four (4) hours. Then it is ready to use.

Testing and Service numbers for your device are located on the right side of your charging cradle. Please test your device at least once a month.

Automated Test Line: 1-800-332-8570

Using Your System

Turning Your Device On

Press the Call Button and hold down until the Battery Indicator flashes, or place your Mobile365 back into the Charger Cradle.

Turning Your Device Off

Press the Call Button twice — once quickly, then press again, holding down for seven seconds until the Mobile365 Pendant announces, “Confirming your request to turn off.” Press the Call Button again to confirm.

Placing a Call

Press and hold the Call Button.

Listen for the alert tone, followed by the announcement, “Calling your Response Team now.”

Your Response Team will answer and notify emergency services to come help you.

Canceling a Call

Press the Call Button twice — once quickly, then press again, holding down for seven seconds until the Mobile365 Pendant announces, “Ending your call now.”

Wearing Options

Mobile365 can be worn on a belt using a Belt Clip, or as a Pendant around your neck using the Lanyard/Clip. If worn with the Lanyard, Mobile365 should be worn under your clothing and facing away from your body to prevent excessive movement of the device.

Using the Belt Clip

Align the notched side of the Clip with the notched area on the back of the device.

Press inward until the Clip notches are nested within the notches on Mobile365.

Firmly push the Clip toward the top of your Mobile365. It is secure when you hear a click or you can no longer see the notches on the clip.

To remove, lift tab under the thumb clip and slide down.


Cellular Indicator on top shows signal strength

Cellular Indicator Signal Strength*
Green Strong
Amber Moderate
Red No Signal

*A cellular signal may not be available in all areas.

Battery Indicatore around Call Button shows battery charge level

Battery Indicator Status* Action Required
Green Good Ready for use
Amber Moderate No action needed
Red No Signal Charge soon

Important Information
  • The Mobile365 is water-resistant and is designed to be worn in the shower or the bath.
  • Your account number is located on the side of your device.
  • Testing and service call numbers for your Mobile365 are located on the right side of your charging cradle.
  • For proper operation, Mobile365 requires adequate cellular coverage. Poor cellular coverage may result in the inability to place a call and detect a fall.
  • In an emergency, User should provide the response team with as much information as possible about his or her location.
  • Mobile365 is not a replacement for the User’s regular contact with caregivers or access to an alternative means of placing an emergency call.
  • While the fall detection system performs well, no such system is 100% reliable. If User experiences a fall that causes actual or potential injury, do not wait for the automatic call. User should always press the Call Button manually if able.
  • Mobile365 requires adequate battery charge for proper operation. Low battery may result in the inability to place a call, automatically detect a fall, and/or properly locate User during an emergency. Some falls may not be detected even with adequate battery charge and cellular signal.
  • Mobile365 utilizes both Global Positioning System (GPS) and other technology in order to find User’s current location. By activating the Mobile365 product, User agrees to allow Mobile365 and there affiliates to use this information to provide services to him or her in the case of an emergency response.
  • Mobile365 provides User’s location to a Response center in order to respond to an event requiring assistance. By activating the Mobile365 product, user agrees to allow Mobile365 to provide the response center with their location.
  • By activating Mobile365, User consents to the use of their personally identifiable information as described in Mobile365’s privacy policy and notice, located at
  • Mobile365 lanyards are designed to break apart under certain conditions; however, any cord worn around the neck can pose a risk of strangulation, including the possibility of serious injury or death.
  • Mobile365 does not provide medical advice. User should always consult his or her physician or other healthcare professional with questions regarding any medical or mental health condition or for specific guidance regarding nutrition or physical activity.
  • Charge your device daily! Test your system monthly!
  • Please notify us if there are any changes to your address, phone number or emergency contacts.