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Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors

Massage therapy has numerous therapeutic benefits for seniors including easing muscle and joint pain, increasing mobility, improving blood circulation, and reducing aches and pains in the body. Be sure to check that your masseuse specializes in geriatric therapeutic massage so they know the proper techniques and right amount of pressure to apply.


Dance Your Way to Fitness

Ballroom, salsa, tap or swing. Pick your favorite dance – and your favorite partners – and hit the dance floor. This low-impact exercise is great for seniors looks to get some aerobics into their routine. It can also help with balance and coordination, reducing your risk for falls.

Medical Alert Systems

How to Choose a Medical Alert System

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The most important thing about a Medical Alert system is that it stays on your body, where it belongs, to do its job. Apart from that, you need to decide which system is right for you and your lifestyle. Here are the top five considerations when choosing a medical alert system.